What are Holistic Assessments?


Welcome to my new page on holistic learning assessments.

In the upcoming posts, I will describe more about the unique approach I have developed to designing holistic learning assessments and will share some examples of assessments in action.

More specifically, I will discuss a fantastic new pilot assessment, called “Help Me Telly My Story” – a holistic assessment that measures oral language development for pre-kindergarten and kindergarten children in Saskatchewan.

The assessment was built from First Nation and Métis frameworks developed by the Canadian Council on Learning and Aboriginal learning experts from across Canada.  This foundation help ensure that the assessment tool was:

  • rooted in a First Nations, Métis perspective on learning;
  • contributed valuable information for First Nations and Métis learners;
  • added to a more balanced understanding of what constitutes success; and
  • ultimately leading to more relevant and effective solutions.

The first phase of the pilot was the delivery of a Language Learning assessment in October 2011 to over 325 children, within seven schools, and across four school divisions in Saskatchewan.  The assessment included surveys for children, caregivers, teachers and Elders.

Follow my blog to hear more in the coming weeks and months.

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